Project Overview


The overall purpose of the Project (EuropeAid/130724/D/SER/TR) is to build and enhance capacity for enforcing regulations aligned with the EU Environmental Directives on preventing major accidents which involve dangerous substances and limiting their consequences for man and the environment.


The objective of this Project is to strengthen the administrative and institutional capacity of central and local bodies that are responsible for the implementation of the Seveso II Directive in Turkey with a view to ensuring high levels of protection together with further capacity building and strengthening of institutional structure in the field of managing major industrial accidents.  The main Result of the Project will be that all relevant stakeholders, especially industry, local authorities, NGOs and designated Competent Authorities become acquainted with the different requirements necessary for implementing the Seveso II Directive in Turkey.


The Project work is structured into one Inception Phase, six Activities and one Closing Phase. The six Activities interact with each other.  Trainings in Activity 1 provide technical and regulatory notions related to the Seveso Directive such as hazards and risk, risk assessment and modelling, land use planning, Safety Management System and Emergency Plans. This will enable the attendees in the training courses to acquire the necessary technical, scientific and legal knowledge.  Activity 3 (Pilot region study) and and Activity 5 (The maintenance and update of Seveso related software programme) give the opportunity to the attendees to apply their acquired knowledge.  Activity 4 (Study tours) is designed to give the attendees the possibility to learn from previous experiences coming from industry and other Authorities in the European Union.  The purposes of Activity 2 (Training of trainers) and Activity 6 (Public information) are to disseminate the acquired knowledge and other related information.